Opening ceremony of Gokula Bansuri Gurkul:

Gokula Bansuri Gurkul was formally inaugurated by Pt.Venkatesh Godkhindi, a well-known and a senior flautist, on 25/05/2009. Noted hindusthani vocalist Pt.Ganapati Bhat Hasanagi had presided over the function. Vid.Umakanth Bhat Kerekai, a noted Yakshagana artist, was the chief guest.

After the opening and talks by the dignitaries on the stage, Shri Nagaraj Hegde presented  flute recital with raag Puriya Dhanashree. This was followed by a flute concert by Pt.Godkhindi who presented raag Miya Malhar and a dhun in raag Mishra Piloo. Shri Chandrakant Gadkar provided tabla accompaniment for the both.

Each year we celebrate anniversary of the Gurukul as "Gokula Utsav". Excerpts from the previous celebrations:

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