Gokula Utsav IV

The fourth annual function of Gokula Bansuri Gurkul was held at the premises of Gokula, on 09/02/2013, as ‘Gokula Utsav-04’. A music programme was held on this occasion. Among the students, Shri Dattathreya  Hegde played raag Durga. He was accompanied on the tabla by Shri Narayan Bhat, Hittinabail. 

The next event was a vocal concert by Shri Vishweshwar Bhat, Kharwa. He presented raag Kedaar and some devotional songs.He had the perfect accompaniment of Shri Ananth Hegde, Vaajagaar on the tabla and Shri Bharat Hegde, Hebbalasu on the harmonium while Shri Prakash Bhat, Tumbebeedu provided tanpura support. 

The final event was a classical flute concert by Pt. Pravin Godkhindi, a well-known flutist who has been performing in almost every major music festivals of India and abroad.  Pt. Pravin Godkhindi played for more than two hours presenting raag Maarubihaag in the vocal style and raag Chandrakouns(Baageshri Ang) in the instrumental style, along with a dhun. His concert left the audience mesmerised.He concluded the event with a bhajan in Bhairavi. Pt. Pravin was accompanied nicely on the  tabla by his elder brother Shri Kiran Godkhindi while Shri Nagaraj Hegde supported on the flute.

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