Gokula Utsav V

The fifth annual function of Gokula Bansuri Gurkul was held at the premises of Gokula, on 15/02/2014, as ‘Gokula Utsav-05’. On this occasion a music programme was held. Among the students, Shri Kaarthik Hemaadri played raag Yaman on flute and won the appreciation from the audience. Shri Bharat Raikar, Sirsi, accompanied him on tabla.

The second item was a sitar recital by Shri Nikhil Joshi, Hubli, a young and talented sitar player. He played raag Saraswathi effectively. Shri Ananth Hegde, Vaajagaar, provided an able tabla accompaniment.

The final programme of the ‘Gokula Utsav-05’ was a vocal concert by Pt. Ganapathi Bhat, Haasanagi, one of the eminent hindusthani vocalists of India. Pt. Ganapathi Bhat sang for about two hours presenting raag Dhanakoni Kalyan, Kalaavathi, Durga and a bhajan in Bhairavi. He enthralled the audience with his sweet and sonorous voice. He had the able accompaniment on the tabla by Shri Shreedhar Maandre, Dharwad and on the harmonium by Shri Shreepad  Hegde, Somanamane. 

Gokula Utsav IV

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