Welcome to Bansuri Gurukul!

Bansuri or the bamboo flute, is one among the ancient musical instruments of India. Bansuri has a unique reverence and value owing to its epical and historical background. This instrument was being used only in folk and background music till the last century. Afterwards because of the huge efforts of several great flautists, now bansuri has attained the status of a solo instrument in hindusthani music. Its sweet melody attracts everybody. Though a bansuri looks simple to look at it is not that easy to play it. Hence an effort to help the interested and talented students to learn the art of bansuri playing is being put in the form of Gokula Bansuri Gurukul.

Unique features of bansuri/bamboo flute:
  • One of the most ancient instruments in the world that is associated with many of the cultures/civilizations.
  • Probably the simplest and lightest of all the instruments. It is a naturally grown bamboo to which some holes are made.
  • It’s tone is very close to human voice and very effective in expression of all kinds of emotions.
  • Musical notes from flute have a soothing and tranquilizing effect on mind.
  • Music played on flute can be used for entertainment, relaxation of mind and meditation too.