Bansuri Classes

In-person Bansuri classes as well as Online bansuri classes are available at Gokula Bansuri Gurukul.
In-person bansuri classes are conducted without any fees at Gurukul premises, Shiranala.

Online bansuri classes are conducted through video conferencing.

Classes are conducted one to one and the student will be provided with all the learning materials.

Class duration will be 30 to 45 mins.

Students are provided with lessons weekly once or twice depending upon the individual's need.

We also offer a free trial individual lesson for those who are interested in learning through online lessons.

Anybody(both men and women)who is interested to learn bansuri may join for the class.

The timing of the classes will be mutually adjustable. Students from different time zones of the world can enroll as the timing of the classes will be according to their need.

Benefits of learning flute:

  • It induces a deep state of relaxation, and the results documented include: a decrease in stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression, as well as an increase in vitality, clarity and a strengthening of one's connection to the Divine.
  • It improves concentration as well as digestion.
  • Flute playing is like a yogic breathing exercise and thus its practice helps to reduce any infection/problem associated with respiratory tract.
  • The soothing sound of flute helps to regain the balance of mind from extremities of emotions.
  • It helps to have a good physical health.
  • It can change an arrogant natured person to a balance/soft natured and thus brings about a harmony in relationship with others.
  • One may become a good flutist and can entertain the whole community/country/world. If not, it will keep you busy physically and mentally thus avoiding unproductive time-pass activities. One can be really happy playing to himself, at least! 

Fees :
Weekly one lesson - Fees per month is 50USD
Weekly two lessons - Fees per month is 100USD
A Single (consulting) Lesson - Fee is 10USD

Fees can be paid via Paypal or bank transfer.

Ph. +91-8431291651