Why a Gurukul?
In olden days students used to go to the place/ashram of guru for any education. But with the changed socio-economic situation this too has changed. However, the traditional gurukul system of training is prevailing in performing art fields like music, dance…etc. even today. Most of the today’s eminent performing musicians and upcoming artistes have received their training under this system only. This fact indicates the necessity of the gurukul system.

About Gokula:
As the name itself implies, this Gurukul has been set up for learning the art of bansuri playing. The Gokula is located amidst the clean, green and calm atmosphere of Shiranala, a small village of Yellapur taluk. Though Gokula has been set up under the rural atmosphere, it is well connected with road and has the facilities of telephone, post office,..etc. Here the traditional gurukul system of training is being followed to train the students in the art of bansuri playing with individual attention and focus towards performance. Formally inaugurated on 25/05/2009 by Pt.Venkatesh Godkhindi, the Gokula is being run as a registered public charitable trust.

Objectives of the Gokula:
To teach the art of bansuri playing for interested, talented students in the gurukul system.

To arrange music concerts so that the students get an opportunity to learn by watching the good artistes’ performance on the stage.

To provide an opportunity and experience of the stage to the students who have attained performing level.

To set up a library of books and audio-visual collections which may help the students to become good artistes.