Gokula Utsav I

The first annual function of Gokula Bansuri Gurkul was held at the premises of Gokula, on 20/02/2010, as ‘Gokula Utsav-01’.  On this occasion a music programme was held. Among the students, Shri Ganesh Hegde, Gerala, successfully presented flute recital with raag Madhuvanti and won the praises of the audience. Shri Ganesh Gundkal provided the tabla accompaniment.

After this, Shri Bhargav Hegde Shigehalli,a promising sitar player, presentd raag Puriya Dhanashree on sitar, melodiously. Shri Anant Hegde Vajgar supported Bhargav on tabla.

The final item was a vocal concert by well-known hindusthani vocalist, Pt.Shreepad Hegde, Kampli. He presented raag Gorakh Kalyan, Sohni and and then some light songs. Pt.Shreepad Hegde enthralled the audience with his beautiful way of rendition. He was supported on the tabla by Shri Shreedhar Mandre and on the harmonium by Smt.Nagaveni Hegde, successfully.

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